Beeswax Totem Candle

Beeswax Totem Candle

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Crafted from 100% local beeswax, these candles offer a clean, eco-friendly slow burn and a natural, soothing fragrance. Illuminate your space with nature's golden touch. 


 - Made from 100% Australian beeswax 


Weight: 150 grams

Candle Care and Safety  

  • Avoid¬†placing near a draft, open window, air duct or fan
  • Place under a heatproof dish
  • Ensure wick is trimmed each time candle is lit
  • Do not leave candle unattended whilst¬†lit
  • Stop burning the candle once 2cm of unmelted wax remain
  • Limit exposure to natural and artificial light to prevent discolouration.¬†